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Modern and powerful explorer's torch, which comes with normal torch batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The torch battery version is powered by 5, 1.5V “D” alkaline torch batteries and is already set up for transformation into the rechargeable version as it comes with a removable battery pack with charger plug.

All you need to do in order to change from one to the other is replace the bulb and buy a kit of 5 Ni-Cd, 1.2V - 5A/h cell packs plus battery charger.

So, the user can choose between the extremely long burn time and practicality of the battery model and the stronger light from the rechargeable model.

The beam can be adjusted using a brand-new bulb centring system that eliminates any shadows.

The faceted dish provides a very strong, concentrated cone of light that will penetrate deeply even in murky water.

The reverse on/off switch is easy to use with right or left hand and comes with double o-ring seals, as does the lens cover.

The pentagonal shape means the torch sits steadily on a flat surface. 


Technical features

  • Length: 235 mm
  • Beam diameter: 80 mm
  • Maximum diameter torch battery: 108 mm
  • Weight on land (without batteries): 660 g
  • Weight on land with cell batteries: 1280 g
  • Buoyancy in water: slightly negative
  • Power: 5, 1.5V alkaline batteries or 5 rechargeable, 1.2 V - 5A/h Ni-Cd cell batteries
  • Bulb: 6.5V - 0.85 A/h Xenon (standard battery model) 6.V - 10W or 20 W Xenon (battery model)
  • Burn time, battery model: 12 hours
  • Burn time, rechargeable model: 180' (10 W) - 90' (20 W)
  • Special features: adjustable bush to centre beam
  • Maximum depth: -60 m
Made In Italy