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Edy II

The Edy II combines complete programmes for three different types of dives in one single instrument:  1- scuba diving (air or Nitrox) 2- technical diving (depth gauge and timer to a depth of 200 metres) 3- free diving.

Edy II is also an attractive, compact digital wristwatch. It has dual time zones, an alarm function and the display is back lit so that figures can be read even in poor lighting conditions.

1 – The SCUBA DIVING COMPUTER mode allows you to choose between the use of air or a Nitrox mix with up to 50% oxygen, with partial pressure of this gas of between 1.0 and 1.6 bar that can be chosen by the user.
Three different safety levels can be set (Safety Factor), a maximum depth alarm that can be inserted if and when required, graphic display of nitrogen saturation and CNS oxygen toxicity, graphic indicator of ascent speed, thermometer and a wide range of audio and visual alarms. A particularly high performance logbook memorises a large amount of data from the last 30 hours of dives or of the last 60 dives, which can be scrolled through, one by one, at intervals of 30 seconds, thanks to the integrated Profile function which does not require any accessory interface.
A handy History function memorises maximum depth, hours spent in the water and total number of dives performed. 

2 – In GAUGE mode Edy II is a valuable instrument for those who wish to programme the dive using decompression software and perform dives in accordance with tables, as required in technical dives.  The functions indicated provide the instant and maximum depth, the dive time (including seconds!), indication of ascent speed, a thermometer, a traditional watch and a handy chronometer (hours, minutes and seconds) to accurately calculate ascent and decompression stops. A depth alarm can also be enabled if and when required. The GAUGE mode also has its own logbook which even calculates the average depth of the dive and records the temperature at the maximum depth reached, it also has a Profile function to review the dive at intervals of 30 seconds and an independent History function to record only those dives performed in GAUGE mode. 

3- In FREE DIVE (FREE) mode all the needs of the free diver have been taken into consideration. Therefore indications of current and maximum depth are provided as well as dive time (minutes and seconds), ascent speed and a depth and/or time alarm can be enabled. On the surface the interval between one dive and the next is indicated (minutes and seconds) and there is also a thermometer.
This mode also has its own independent Logbook that is able to memorise up to 60 dives, filled with data, each of which can be reviewed with the integrated Profile function at intervals of just one second. 
The History section memorises the total number of dives on the day, indicating the deepest dive and its duration. This daily memory can be reset at any time.


Technical features

  • Bühlmann ZH-L12 algorithm, redesigned by Randy Bohrer
  • Tissues: 12 with saturation half-times that range between 5 and 640 minutes
  • Complete processor for dive data, also with any decompression, for dives performed with air or with Nitrox mixes
  • Complete setting of FO2 and PO2 parameters with the possibility of setting PO2 between 1.0 bar and 1.6 bar and of the FO2 between 21% and 50%
  • Possibility of performing a Nitrox dive after one performed with air (even with de-saturation in progress)
  • Maximum depth alarm (can be inserted by the user)
  • Dive manual planning (Scrolling)
  • Changing of the measurement unit from the metric system (metres and °C) to the imperial system (ft and °F) done by the user 
  • Audio and visual alarms
  • Graphic indicator of nitrogen saturation
  • Graphic indicator for CNS oxygen toxicity
  • Graphic indicator of ascent speed
  • Back lit display
  • Differentiated ascent speed depending on depth
  • Instant PO2 indicator
  • Safety Stop indication (not compulsory) at the end of the dive (between 9.9 and 3 m)
  • Thermometer
  • Possibility of setting GAUGE programme (depth gauge/timer)
  • Possibility of setting FREE programme
  • Logbook (30 h or last 60 dives) complete with dive profile (3 independent logbooks for the COMPUTER, GAUGE and FREE modes) 
  • Dive profile can be reviewed without interface (intervals of 30 seconds in the COMPUTER and GAUGE modes, intervals of 1 second in the FREE mode)
  • Historic dive memory (maximum depth, no. of dives and hours spent underwater)   Three different, independent historical memories for the COMPUTER, GAUGE and FREE modes
  • Automatic altitude setting from 0 to 6000 metres
  • Graphic signal when battery is flat
  • Maximum depth in COMPUTER mode 99.9 m
  • Maximum depth in GAUGE and FREE mode 199.9 m
  • Calendar and watch with alarm and second time zone functions
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 51 mm - Height: 12mm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Pressure sensor:
  • Salt water calibration
  • Surface interval: from 0 to 48 hours
  • 3V CR 2032 watch battery,with an average lifetime of 2 years (with 50 dives/year)