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Ice plus

This is one of the top models in the Cressi semi-dry range and has been produced in a new enhanced version that has many improved details.

All-in-one suit in 7 mm double lined neoprene, with separate hood.  

The back zip is in special marine bronze and runs from shoulder to shoulder with a protective zip cover. The position of the zip has been moved upwards and aligned with the arms to allow greater freedom of movement. This area is made in extremely supple Ultraspan neoprene to further increase comfort.

The arms and legs are pre-shaped and are made in Ultraspan with double cuffs at the wrists and ankles - the inner cuff is in 2 mm Metallite and the outer cuff in Ultraspan - with zips to make putting on a taking off quick and easy.

Gloves and footwear can, therefore, be inserted between the two cuffs to minimize infiltration of water.

The neck is in single-lined 2 mm Ultraspan and can be folded back for perfect watertight sealing, while a second outer collar allows for the elimination of water infiltrations from the hood.

The entire area between the knees and shins, as well as the shoulder area, are protected by Powertex anti-wear inserts.

The hood is made from 5 mm single-lined neoprene with Aquastop seals on the neck, in the chin area and around the face.  
The special Cressi Airfree valve automatically eliminates any stale air.

Who it is for

Ice Plus is the ideal suit for diving instructors and guides, but also for divers who often dive in cold waters.  The large back zip, the inserts in Ultraspan and the zips at the wrists and ankles make it extremely easy to put on and take off.  

Technical characteristics

  • All-in-one suit in 7 mm neoprene
  • Watertight shoulder to shoulder zip in marine bronze
  • Pre-shaped sleeves and legs
  • Shin area in 7 mm Ultraspan
  • Fold-down neck in single-lined 2 mm Ultraspan
  • Upper chest/neck/shoulder area in 7 mm Ultraspan neoprene
  • Anti-wear inserts in Powertex on the knees
  • Watertight cuffs at the wrists and ankles in double material (3 mm Ultraspan + single-lined 2 mm Metallite)
  • Hood with watertight seals at the face and neck and Airfree system to eliminate stale air
  • Men’s sizes: from II to VI

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