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The extremely small inner volume, the minimum lens-eye distance and the special patented rakes lenses all convert into the best field of vision in the entire range of Cressi masks.
And even with these exclusive features, the new skirt made from allergy-free silicon suits a large number of face types.

Technical specifications

The special double-injection moulding procedure of the mask frame makes it possible to obtain an extremely light structure in composite materials.
The new buckles tilt vertically and sideways, and are fitted with clips for disassembly.
The buckles are incorporated into the frame structure and a flexible elastomer element makes them indestructible.
Strap adjustment is quick and precise, even when wearing thick protective gloves.
The lenses have a special, patented raking angle that gives them an exceptionally wide field of vision, particularly downwards.

Who it’s for

The small internal volume makes the mask perfect for deep-sea free diving, for spearfishing, and for more demanding descents, but can also be used optimally for scuba diving or as a spare mask thanks to the side tilting mechanism of the buckles and the minimum volume it occupies once it is placed inside the jacket pocket.

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