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Console Archimede 2

The Archimede Console 2 has been designed to fit the well-known Cressi Archimede II computer in a modern console, which stands out from similar products on the market due to its design, dimensions and weight.

The different sizes of the two instruments, the Archimede II computer and the mini-pressure gauge, have made it possible to come up with a console that has a truly innovative and completely new design, made up of the union of three round-shaped modules, two of which house the instruments, while the third is used to join them.

These three modules are not aligned, but are positioned on slightly slanted levels; this improves the design even more and allows superior legibility of the instruments.

The use of avant-garde materials like polycarbonate and desmopan have made it possible to reduce the minimum thickness and weight and the console is surprisingly light.

This obviously makes it easy to use and leads to less stress on the HP hose connecting it to the first stage.

The console is set up to take advantage of three interesting features of the instrument, without having to remove it from the console.

In the first place you can replace the battery in just a few moments, using a simple coin.

It's also possible to check for any humidity inside the battery compartment, thanks to its transparent lid.

And lastly, it is possible to activate the reset button, placed on the back of the instrument, which cancels the nitrogen memory.

This is an essential feature for computer hire and much appreciated by anyone who makes technical dives.

The connecting hose has a smaller section than the standard (11 mm), for the full benefit of its flexibility and lower weight.

The console ends at the top with a half-moon slot, very handy to attach the instrument to the jacket, preventing rapid wear and tear and at the same time stopping damage to the diving environment.

(not available for Windows Vista or Windows 7)

Technical features

  • Two-instrument console
  • Materials: polycarbonate and desmopan
  • Mini-pressure gauge with chrome-plated brass casing
  • Glass that acts also as high-pressure valve
  • Face with scale of up to 350 bars or 5000 psi
  • Red, green, light blue colored sectors
  • Diameter casing: 50 mm
  • Height of instrument: 17 mm
  • Console weight complete with HP hose and 2 instruments: 440 g
Console Archimede 2