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Pano 4

Specifically crafted for divers who need a wider mask, the Panorama combines excellent field of view in a multi-lens design with reasonable internal volume for better clearing and a lower profile in the water.

All lenses are tempered glass for the best clarity and lenses are joined in a special way to minimize the visible seam.

An excellent choice for both diving and snorkeling, the Panorama provides both improved vision and comfort over previous multi-lens masks.

-Four-lens panoramic design for maximum light and great field-of-view

-Side lenses joined to main lenses with nearly invisible seam for better vision

-Neoprene comfort strap offers a wide surface area for a totally secure fit

-High-grade silicone skirt includes a generous seal for excellent water integrity

-Swivel buckles prevent binding and are east to adjust, even with gloves