T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo

T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo

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T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
T10-SC Cromo / Master Cromo
Made In Italy

The T10-SEAL CHAMBER 1ST stage is environmentally sealed, protecting it against icing in cold water and against contamination from particulate matter in silty conditions. When paired with the
Master second stage, which includes an internal heat exchanger, this regulator is an excellent choice for divers exploring the most extreme cold water environments.

Very high performance regulator. Ideal for seasoned or professional divers who need extremely high performing equipment that is both simple and resistant, without any of the usual accessories that may get damaged.

- Hyperbalanced diaphragm (Watertight chamber on T10-SC)
- 2 HP 7/16 UNF ports
- 4 MP 3/8 UNF ports
- Operating pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN Version,
232 bar (3365 psi) International version
- Calibration pressure: 10 bar
- Body coated with PVD process
- High-capacity conical filter in chemically
nickel-plated spherical bronze
- Removable nozzle in AISI 316 steel
- Hyperbalancing system
- Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
- Stainless steel calibration spring with micropeening treatment
- Low-friction technopolymer slider shaft
- Body protection in polyurethane thermoplastic
- Quantity of air supplied: 4500 l/min
- Weight, INT version: 720 gr
- Weight, DIN version: 602 gr
- Pneumatically balanced
- Adjustable Venturi
- Adjustable inhalation effort
- Patented elliptical diaphragm
- Patented low-friction lever
- Air delivery system without injector
- Adjuster knob coated with PVD process with dual OR
- Laser-etched titanium front piece
- Internal heat exchanger
- Cap opening with Cam-lock
- Noise-absorbing technopolymer body
- Removable technopolymer deflector
- Removable mechanics
- Weight without hose: 207 gr
- Average Cracking effort 3.5 mbar
- Average breathing effort 0.6 J/l
JACKETED HOSE extremely light and flexible weight: 153 gr

Over-sized intake diaphragm
The box has a hinged opening, no tools needed
Pneumatic compensation mechanism
Inspiratory effort micro-regulation knob
An elliptical cross-section that enables an included lever arm greater than those of much larger regulators
Wide angle pivot cam
Cold-heat exchanger located inside the second stage to prevent the air from freezing when diving in cold waters
Ultralight high range 2nd stage
Deflector Dive-Predive without metal parts to personalize the Venturi effect
Hyper-compensated diaphragm mechanism i
Polyurethane valve, very mechanically resistant, both to oils and to hyperoxic mixtures. HP saddle in AISI316 stainless steel.
Conical filter
2 HP and 4 LP ports
Isolation and SC (Sealed Chamber) anti-freeze kit.
CE Performance
New super flexible hose covered in thermoplastic rubber to guarantee resistance to erosion