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Air Crystal
Air Crystal
Made In Italy

Not only has this new Cressi Crystal Silicone been chosen, with its exceptional softness and comfort, but the entire design of the skirt has followed new rules which allow a point of contact between the mask and the face that has a very open angle.

The mask rests on the face with unprecedented comfort and does not leave any marks on the skin, even after extended use.

Naturally, to obtain such a result the entire structure of the skirt is differentiated, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that are most stressed.

The raked lenses (Cressi patent), are quite small and are brought as close to the pupils as possible, so that the already extraordinary visibility of the Matrix is increased by 25%.

The headband uses the exclusive patented Cressi system of double injection of an elastomer on a rigid element and allows the buckles of the strap to be mounted not on the skirt structure, as done by our competitors, but on an indestructible elastic element that tilts on a vertical plane and can be completely bent sideways on a 180° curve.

The thickness of the headband has been reduced to such an extent as to make it practically invisible when the mask is being worn.

  • U.S. Pat 6272693 B1
  • Facciale in silicone Crystal Cressi
  • Speciale struttura del facciale a rigidezza differenziata
  • Sistema di stampaggio dl facciale mediante Double Injection Technology
  • Sottilissimo cerchietto in tre materiali, invisibile a maschera indossata
  • Fibbie a regolazione istantanea unite al cerchietto da elemento elastico e indistruttibile
  • Visibilità verso il basso aumentata del 25% rispetto alla Matrix
  • Minimo volume interno

Silicone Crystal

Incredible new frontier in the world of transparency. It is long-lasting and won’t turn yellow, and thanks to its special chemical composition it drastically reduces the irritating effect of lens fogging. An absolute Cressi exclusive.

Evolution Skirt

The unprecedented Double Injection System makes it possible to vary the stiffness of the skirt at each point, making it stiffer where a non-deformable structure is needed, and softening it where more comfort is required.


The ring capitalises on the exclusive Cressi dual injection system for an elastomer on a rigid element. It is thinner, even thin enough to disappear completely from view when you wear the mask.

Quick buckles

Instant-adjust buckles joined to the ring using an indestructible elastic piece.

Tempered lenses

All the lenses are tempered glass for maximum clarity.

Nose pocket

Allows for easy and effective equalising.

Angled lenses

Smaller lenses, moved as near to the eyes as possible, have increased the Matrix’s already incredible view by 25%.

Internal volume

The internal volume is reduced, and dimensions are comparable to spearfishing masks.


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The construction system allows the assembly without the need of paste, and reduces to the absolutely minimum the thickness improving also the internal volume, the visibility and the adaptation of the mask. U.S PAT.6272693 B1...
The extremely thin frame and the studied assembly with the delicate frontal bone area optimize the superior visibility without damaging the adaptation ability....
Its exclusive structure integrates the frame in the skirt instead of overlapping them. It combines the structural rigidity of a traditional mask with the advantages of a mask without frame....
The buckles, assembled into the frame to achieve a better mask stability and an adjustable tension, are completely folding and tilting in all ways. That’s why the breaking possibility is almost inexistent....
Smaller lenses, moved as near to the eyes as possible, have increased the Matrix’s already incredible view by 25%.
Adjustable fixing buckle on the strip ends.
Available in black silicone and Crystal silicone, completely transparent and it is less likely to tarnish and to become a yellowish color as the traditional silicone....