Kiowa Custom

Kiowa Custom

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Kiowa Custom
Kiowa Custom
Kiowa Custom
Kiowa Custom
Kiowa Custom
Made In Italy

28 mm diameter barrel made of black Anticorodal aluminium with shaft guide and anti-deflection
reinforcement along the bottom.

Handle with two interchangeable sternum supports and stainless steel boxed mechanism with Teflon components to minimise friction.

Retractable stainless steel slide ring on the side. Big fishing reel. Open muzzle with double circular bands and magnetic shaft positioning system.

The bands can be added/removed quickly and effortlessly without having to take down/fit back any component.

A unique feature of the Kiowa custom is that the core components of the speargun, i.e., its handle, barrel and muzzle, are sold without the shaft and the bands, enabling underwater fishing aficionados to customise it with specific components for the type of fishing they like.

  • Comes with 2 different muzzles, no bands, no shafts
  • Stainless steel release box and trigger
  • Lateral guide line release with automatic return
  • Interchangeable high-low sternal support
  • Rigged and reinforced barrel with shaft guide

New butt evolved from that used in the GERONIMO model, with multiple enhancements and anatomical modifications to improve grip, handling and resistance to bending....
Metal mechanism developed 100% by Cressi Italia. It combines stainless steel and exclusive self-lubricating Teflon elements to minimize friction. Lateral stainless steel retractable thread loop...
Details of the trigger guard and integrated swivel safety enhancements
Enhanced and simplified assembly with the barrel to eliminate bending
It is supplied with two heads so that the user has two possibilities depending on the type of fishing: open and closed head....
Its cobra head design softens the angle of the rubbers to work more effectively without suffering unnecessary erosions or tensions that shorten its duration. In case of using double rubber,...
Low vision of the headboard.
The muzzle incorporates a new fieldlead on the lower part in stainless steel that also functions as a thread loop when dual pass is being used....
Compact closed muzzle, minimalist and hydrodynamic head. The hooking area of the rubber bands is in axis with the tube so that the traction is perfectly carried out in the axis. The visibility offered by the head...