Moon + top Colorama

Moon + top Colorama

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Moon + top Colorama
Moon + top Colorama
Moon + top Colorama
Made In Italy

Combo: MOON + TOP

Mask Kid sizes, suitable for children aged 7 to 15 years.
Perfect for swimming, snorkeling and enjoy the underwater nature.
Shatterproof lenses with anti-scratch treatment.
Perfect adaptability to a wide range of facial profiles.
Micrometric indestructible buckles.
Ability to instantly replace the complex-strap buckles with other models in the Cressi range.


The Top Snorkel is a modern, small snorkel, designed specifically for kids. The tube is made from a transparent, contoured and flexible material. The quick-release, techno-polymer snorkel keeper system allows height adjustment for comfort. The top end of the tube ends with a semi-dry splash guard to prevent water from entering the tube even in rough water. The angled 100% high-quality silicone mouthpiece is designed for extreme comfort even during extended use. The Top Snorkel has a large internal elliptical one-way purge valve at the bottom for improved drainage

ComboSet 100HighQualitySilicone ComboSet Mask2Window ComboSet MaskSmallSize2W ComboSet PurgeValve ComboSet SplasgGuard ComboSet UltraFlexMaterial