Estrella Vip

Estrella Vip


One-glass junior mask, silicone face size, designed for small/medium faces.

The quality of the assembly and of the materials is the same as the most technical range: unbreakable tempered glass, polycarbonate frame of reduced thickness and weight, simple and resistant buckles integrated in the frame and in the front-side, silicone strap.

Its design is studied to obtain a very wide vision in all directions.

Buckles 100% swivelling in all directions thanks to the flexible anchorage, and microadjustment with one hand at the push of a button.

They avoid the usual breakage of this critical point and maintain the stability of the mask, once positioned and with the strap pulled


Profiled guard: this drastically reduces water intake and splashing from the top without blocking breathing.

Adjustable attachment: system of quick-attachment to the mask strap, which runs along the snorkel bore for perfect positioning.

New drainage well: this draws all the remaining water to the bottom end of the tube, preventing all blockage to breathing.

Internal elliptical valve: the elliptical valve optimises water drainage, making it quick and easy to purge the snorkel.

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