A tried and tested efficient speargun,

Sioux’s strong points are its reliability, ease of handling, excellent materials and great value for money.

The shaft is made of a light, non-deformable anticorodal aluminum.

The handle is angled specifically to ensure perfect quick performance for instinctive aim. It is coated in a synthetic rubber called rubbersoft.

The trigger system is smooth and progressive, and is equipped with a safety.

A durable line hook ring protrudes from the bottom of the handle.

There are 3 line hooks, a dovetail graft for the reel and a cutting-edge saddle guide-rod.

The muzzle has a series of 13 mm bands with simple arched ribs for a good balance between ease of loading and strength of propulsion.

The muzzle is already set up to be used with a second circular band if desired.

The 6 mm-diameter shaft has two weapon notches.

Sioux is available in the following lengths: 50 cm, 60 cm and 75 cm.

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Made In Italy