The Fox goggles feature flat lenses for perfect vision, even at the edges.

The gasket is made with hypoallergenic, high-quality TPR to ensure comfort and a perfect seal on most facial profiles.

The double-strap is made of silicone to ensure a perfect fit without over-tightening.

The Cressi-patented buckle system makes adjusting the strap effortless.

Easy replacement of strap and buckle system.

The lenses are anti-scratch resistant, 100% UV protection, and anti-fog treated.  

The Fox are versatile goggles recommended for recreational swimming, as well as both indoor and outdoor use.


U.S. PAT 5.956.778
Elastic nose bridge for perfect adaptability to a large number of facial profiles
Flat lenses for unobstructed vision
Lenses are shatterproof
Anti-fog treated
100 % UV protection
Nose gasket is made with hypoallergenic, high-quality TPR 
Double-strap is made of silicone to ensure a perfect fit  
The Cressi-patented buckle system makes adjusting the strap effortless

Ideal for recreational swimming.

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Made In Italy