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Spearfishing Pole Spears Fiberglass Pole Spear

Fiberglass Pole Spear

The Cressi Fiberglass Pole Spear is perfect for spearfishing and for travel. Thanks to the pole made in fiberglass is resistant and lightweight.

It is composed of two pieces which are screwed to each other through the threaded connection made with corrosion resistant steel. The diameter of the pole is 12mm.

The paralyzer tip has 5 prongs with “sure grip” barbs on each prong, to ensure a perfect catch of the fish. Can be used with the 2 pieces assembled or with only the longer one of 24 in (2 ft.).

The length of the pole is 24 + 17 13/16 in = 41 13/16 in. The length of the tip is 6 3/16 in. The total 2 pcs length is 48 in (4 ft. | 121.9 cm).

  • Pole length: 41 13/16 in | 106.20 cm
  • Tip length: 6 3/16 in | 15.70 cm
  • Total length: 4ft | 121.90 cm