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Cressi Snorkeling Combos Ranger & Tao Cressi professional scuba diving equipment

Snorkeling Combos Ranger & Tao

Ranger & Tao

The Cressi Ranger & Tao Combo is perfect for that next travel to the sea or even for diving.

The Ranger features dual safety tempered CE approved glass lens, and a low volume design that helps keep the mask close to the face for great visibility, while the super soft silicone double feathered edge skirt helps ensure a great seal on the face. Mask has a soft nose pocket for ear equalization. The push button buckles and wide split strap allow for easy adjustments, and in concert with the double feathered edge skirt provide a great seal.

The Tao is a semi-dry snorkel that allows divers to take every breath with confidence and focus on the reef below not on worrying about water in your air way. A generous bore contoured tube provides ample airflow and a lower purge valve enables instant clearing when needed.

  • Mask's skirt made in 100% high quality silicone
  • Mask's lenses made in tempered glass
  • Snorkel features the splash guard
  • Snorkel features a purge valve

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