Onda Mare

Onda Mare

The Onda & Mexico is a great solution for beginner and intermediate snorkelers.

The Onda is single tempered glass lens mask which ensure a wide view to enjoy the underwater nature. It is made with 100% high quality silicone for ensure comfort and perfect seal of the most part of faces. The buckles are easy-to-use for adjust the strap length.

The Mexico snorkel features a wave guard on top to limit the entry of water on the tube. The mouthpiece is made in silicone to ensure comfort.

Onda mask:

  • 100% sIlicone skirt and strap
  • Wide view single lens
  • Single tempered glass lens
  • Quick-release strap buckles

Mexico snorkel:

  • 100% silicone mouthpiece
  • Wave guard on top

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Onda Mare
Onda Mare
Onda Mare
Onda Mare
Made In Italy