Gara Modular LD

Gara Modular LD

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Gara Modular LD
Gara Modular LD
Gara Modular LD
Made In Italy

Cressi was the first manufacturer to use the thermoplastic rubber-blade foot pocket and also the first one to thermofuse in a single element three different materials to improve the effort transmission. The need to dispose of a removable version to install blades made of carbon or other different materials, leads us to the new Gara Modular, which allows the Cressi experience with a several materials composition and many features.

The original blade is made of high-modulus propylene (2500 Mpa).


The self adjusting footpocket is constructed with the most modern multi compound joining process to deliver a footpocket that can offer comfort and suppleness around the foot where desired and yet have stiffer compounds under the footpocket and heel area where power transfer takes place.

Gara Modular’s footpocket is wider than the other gara fin models. We suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit.

For use without neoprene socks, we recommend to buy one smaller size.



The new insole for Gara Modular fins is recommended for use with thin boots in temperate waters, because it improves the kick performance.

Thesemi-rigid material of the insole is completely recycled.

The insoles are supplied as a pair (right and left foot) and can be cut into their shape in three different sizes, according to pre-printed guidelines.

All fin components are also supplied separately.

Sizes: 38/39 - 40/41 - 42/43 - 44/45 - 46/47

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The thickness and hardness’ settings and recalibration on the blade have allowed achieving a flexion curve perfectly progressive that optimizes the thrust in any situation both swimming on the surface and going up and down....
The original blade is made of high-modulus propylene (2500 Mpa).
The need of having a removable version to install blades of several materials or carbon ends in the new Gara Modular, which enjoys Cressi experience in compositions of different materials and features....
The instep incorporates on the middle a self adjusting 2cms wide strap, which allows a slight expansion (from 2 to 4mm depending on the size) to fit in people who have high instep or also in case...
Flexible shore 50º material is extended alternatively on the heel area to play the non-slip key role when we walk on a boat or on rocks....
The foot pocket is available separately with the different assembly elements.
The other foot pocket’s part (grey area) has a flexible composition shore 50º to obtain the maximum comfort.