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Wetsuits Wetsuits COMFORT Man Wetsuit 7 mm

COMFORT Man Wetsuit 7 mm

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COMFORT is the ideal suit for divers that especially value ease of donning and comfort.

In addition, the great elasticity of the outfit improves the seal and reduces the circulation of water.

Ultraspan© lining on 100% of the external surface with effective wear resistance and elasticity in all directions.

Interior X-Plush© lining, fast-drying and with a slippery surface that facilitates suit donning.

Does not limit the original elasticity of the neoprene and the exterior fabric.

Small Diamond© reinforcement fabric in areas of high wear like the shoulders, shins and buttocks.

The neoprene used is high density and the suit elasticity is achieved through the lining used, not by reducing the neoprene density.

Seals in the wrists, ankles and collar by means of smooth-interior 5 mm neoprene microcuffs: an effective, simple and durable system.

The knee and tibia areas have elastic anti-wear Tatex® reinforcements.

This type of reinforcement provides sufficient strength and allows suit donning without limiting the elasticity of the suit.

Hood with discreet valve system to drain extra air during ascent and suit fastening system using a small carabiner (optional) Available in a 5 mm version. 5 mm jacket (optional), with 3.5 mm sleeves, is a very important element as it prevents the traditional inconveniences of modular versions when used with two pieces, due to its great elasticity.

Thorough finishing without unnecessary complications while maintaining a reasonable price.

Reinforcement/tensioner with tab in the base of the rear zipper.


  • Thickness 7 mm
  • Back zip
  • 100% Elastic span
  • Elastic plush inside
  • High volume pocket
  • D-ring and hood holder
  • Ankles and wrists with zips and double cuffs

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