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Cressi Underwater Electronics Consoles & Instruments Michelangelo Console 2 Cressi professional scuba diving equipment

Underwater Electronics Consoles & Instruments Michelangelo Console 2

Michelangelo Console 2

Make gauge checks fast and ef cient with this two-gauge console especially crafted for the Leonardo. Polycarbonate materials and smart features make this angled console rugged, lightweight and user-friendly. The angled console combines the Leonardo with a brass-housed, mini Submersible
Pressure Gauge that has a color-coded scale divers can read at a glance.

- Polycarbonate and desmopan materials are lightweight and minimize bulk for reduced drag.
- Two connection points, one on top for a clip or bungee and wide loops on the back for connection to any strap, give divers the greatest number of mounting options.
- Angled console  ts naturally in the hand and positions both the pressure gauge and computer for optimal viewing.
- Rugged mini-gauge has a chrome-plated brass case.
- Console is easy to assemble with each component.
- Gauge dial is color-coded in red, green and blue for instant readability.
- Reads pressures to 5,000 psi or 30 bar.
- Console measures 2.56 in x 1 in | 65 mm x 25 mm.
- Weight with whip and 2 HP tools: 16.93 oz | 480 g.