Mini Cobra

Mini Cobra

The Cressi Mini Cobra is designed for kids aged around 7 to 15 years for swimming and also for enjoy the sea.

The Cressi Mini Cobra are goggles made in Italy with silicone, a better and longer lasting material than plastic PVC. This material is more comfortable and allows a perfect fit on most facial profiles.

The mask are made with a single-piece skirt that is characterized by the presence of an elastic element within the structure that allows a better fit than other goggles.

The lenses are Shatterproof and made with an Anti-Scratch, UV Protection and internal Anti-Fog treatment.

The buckles are easy-to-use and allows a micrometrically adjustable strap length.

Both strap and buckles could be replaced with other models from the Cressi range.

The mask is sell in a reusable protective plastic box.

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Mini Cobra
Made In Italy