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History 1960


At the end of the '50s the Cressi range of Rondine fins was expanded with the floating model, the open-heel model and in 1960, with the futuristic Super Rondine, which had special flaps that automatically opened to eliminate the negative zone of the fin and to increase thrust performance.


Cressi athlete Bruno de Otero Hermanny wins the spearfishing world title in Italy.


Cressi athlete Bruno de Otero Hermanny wins the spearfishing world title in Brasil.


Pneumatic spearguns - In the mid '60s, the Mach 1.1 pneumatic speargun was presented, followed by the 0.9 model and by the Aer Saetta, a range that stayed in the catalogue for many years, thanks to their excellent craftsmanship and excellent performances.


Polaris 4 regulator - The Polaris 4, legendary two-stage regulator entered production, with the piston first stage and the housing of the second stage in chromed brass. Its extraordinary reliability and minimum maintenance needs made it the favorite of pers all over the world.


In the 1960s, Cressi opened one of the first workshops that specialized in producing optical masks: Pinocchio and Semi-Pinocchio, followed over the years by various other models. Thanks to Cressi, even people with visual defects could now get full enjoyment of the underwater universe.


The Pinocchio Vi. Erre (Reduced Volume) introduced a new kind of accentuated V mask, which drastically reduced the inner volume of the mask, without compromising visibility.