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History 1970


Equi-vest - In 1970, Cressi was the first manufacturer in the world to produce Equi-Vest, a futuristic jacket that became one with the scuba tank, supplied by a hose that drew air directly from the first stage. This was the first incarnation of the modern BC.


Polaris 5S - Cressi designed the Polaris 5, its first balanced two-stage regulator, conceived to provide excellent performance to scuba pers to assist in their ping records and for coral pers.


Rondine L long fins - The world leader of molding rubber fins, Cressi developed the Rondine L long fins, which enabled Jacques Mayol to go onto achieve his astonishing free ping records.


Control instruments - A substantial series of control instruments made it possible for pers to pe in complete safety.


Fins range - Alongside the various rubber fin models, a futuristic model was presented with a reinforced nylon blade, called the Rondine Gara, a fin that thirty years down the line is still going strong, and has been adopted by world class free-pers and spearfishermen the world over.