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History 2000


Big Eyes - Another great Cressi world patent. Big Eyes was the first mask in the world with raked lenses in an upside-down teardrop shape, an innovative form that gives the per a complete view of all the equipment worn. Big Eyes very shortly became the most widely copied and imitated mask in the world, a gratifying appreciation of how far ahead Cressi is in the design of its products.


Computers - A full range of Cressi underwater computers was introduced onto the market in the 2000s. Visor, Archimede, Archimede 2 and Edy. They are all characterised by their extremely user friendly and reliable features.


Cressi Athlete Umberto Pelizzari sets the freeping ""Variable Weight"" World Record in Capri (Italy) reaching the depth of 131 meters.


Ellipse Titanium regulator - The newborn of the Cressi family in the regulators sector is a concentration of high technology, protected by some four world patents. It is small and very lightweight, but its performance places it with the elite in regulators. Another great Cressi record.


Stefano Bellani wins the spearfishing world title in Chile. This is the 12th title won by a Cressi athlete, the company that has won the most spearfishing world titles in history.


Cressi sponsors the Mizar expedition, an underwater expedition created to discover the famous World War II italian cruiser ""Armando Diaz"" which lies in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in the Sicilian Channel.


Cressi Swim - Cressi has also made a forceful entry into the sector of swimming equipment and apparel with a very wide range of products to meet all the needs of all swimmers, from the recreational enthusiast to the competitive swimmer.


Cressi sponsors the Altair expedition, an underwater expedition organized in the Tunisian waters, to explore the wreck of the British cruiser ""HMS Manchester"" and to discover the wreck of the italian cruiser ""Da Giussano"".


Big Eyes Evolution - The revolutionary Big Eyes mask now has a successor. A legend evolves, a revolution begins.


Today The Cressi company is still entirely owned by the Cressi family, which carries on, with the same passion as more than 60 years ago, the work started by brothers Nanni and Egidio Cressi.