Ninja Floating

Ninja Floating

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As water enthusiasts and divers, we spend a lot of time out on the water and we are constantly exposed to bright sunlight and glare. Having the right gear is important to our enjoyment and even our health. Cressi knows this and wants your water sports to always be enjoyable and safe. The Ninja Floating sunglasses are positively buoyant, making them perfect for all water sports as well as everyday use. The lenses offer 100% UV protection (UV 400) from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, block reflections and glare, and ensure crystal clear vision. The WRH treatment makes them water-repellent and hydrophobic, which ensure the lenses remain clean at all times. If you accidently drop them in the water, not to worry these sunglasses float in water. The anti-reflection lenses drastically reduce reflection and glare from the road while driving. The product comes with a pouch bag and a hard case with zip closing.


  • Soft rubber coating

  • Polarized filter

  • Positively Buoyant

  • High quality shatterproof lenses with 100% UV protection

  • Antireflection