Cressi Professional Scuba Diving Equipment



Cressi becomes an international company, and it starts to export its products all over the world.


Pinocchio Mask - Cressi invented and produced the first mask in the world with a dedicated nose pocket, which makes equalization possible. It is a major innovation in the early'50s. It is the most famous and most sold mask in the world's history, and it is still included in the catalogue.


Rondine Fins - Also in the field of fins, Cressi invented the model that has inspired all other manufacturers. Some of the revolutionary features of the Rondine fins were: the blade tilted from the foot, the strong side reinforcements, the upper opening for toes, and the closed foot pocket.


Aer 54 speargun - In 1951 the Aer 51 was presented. It was a speargun using the gas contained in small, economical CO2 tanks for propulsion. In 1954 the updated version called Air 54 was introduced.


Cressi athlete Mario Catalani wins the spearfishing world title in Jugoslavia. It is the first spearfishing world tournament in history.




Aro Ar57b - In 1957, the new oxygen rebreather was presented and immediately adopted by the Italian armed forces, by fire-fighters and by pe schools. It was the simplest, most reliable and safe oxygen device on the market, and is still being used by some armed forces.






Cressi athlete Terry Lentz wins the spearfishing world title in Malta.